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TMC5062 stepper controller-driver IC is a powerful system-on-a-chip, integrating sophisticated ramp-generators and two power stages plus best-in-class diagnostics and protection in a tiny 7 by 7mm² QFN package. Developed with a focus on the fast growing CCTV camera market the component is well suited for other areas that require precise positioning, e.g. medical, industrial or consumer applications. The functionality embedded in the components allows for superior results concerning motor control, without the need of a deep understand of motor physics.

As the first Stepper Motor Driver with TRINAMICs game changing dcStep™ technology integrated, TMC5062 sets new standards in energy efficiency and ruggedness in stepper motor applications.


Product State: preview
Interfaces: a/b/n incremental, SPI, UART
Phase Current, peak: 1.5A
Phase Current, RMS: 1.1A
RDSon LS: 400mΩ(1)
RDSon HS: 500mΩ(2)
No. Axes: 2
Supported Motor Type: Stepper
Microstep Resolution: 1...256
Velocity Ramps: trapezoidal, sixPoint™
Programmable microstep table
velocity mode
programmable encoder prescaler
Logic Supply: 3.3...5V
Motor Supply: 4.57...20V
Package: QFN48 (7x7)

Block Diagram



By the use of TRINAMICs self sensing technology stallGuard™ coolStep™ drivers allow for driving the motors always at their optimum current.
CoolStep™ is a game changer in the field of efficiency of stepper motor drive systems. Without the need of a sensor and all required calculations are processed inside the driver IC allowing for lowest latencies and fastest response to the load situations. Within one fullstep the current can be adapted to a changed load situation automatically
In Systems with coolStep™ technology coolStep™ motors as well as electronics stay cool and the overall energy consumed by the motor is reduced to the minimum required by the application.


The unique feature dcStep allows the motor to run near its load limit and at its velocity limit without losing steps. If the mechanical load on the motor increases to the stalling load, the motor automatically decreases its velocity to a point where it can still drive the load. With this feature, the motor will never stall. In addition to its increased torque at a lower velocity, dynamic inertia will allow the motor to overcome mechanical overloads by decelerating. dcStep directly integrates with the ramp generator, so that the target position will be reached, even if the motor velocity needs to be decreased due to increased mechanical load. A dynamic range of up to factor 10 or more can be covered by dcStep without any step loss. By optimizing the motion velocity under high load situations, this feature further enhances overall system efficiency.
  • Motor does not loose steps in overload conditions
  • Application works as fast as possible
  • Highest possible acceleration automatically
  • Highest energy efficiency at speed limit
  • Highest possible motor torque using fullstep drive
  • Cheaper motor does the job



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