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The use of BLDC motors as replacement for brushed DC motors is increasing both in EMC critical applications and in applications with highest requirements on energy efficiency.

With a sinewave commutation or field oriented control BLDC motors build silent and efficient drives for heating and ventilation or equipped with a high resolution feedback system and field oriented control also powerful servo drives.

TRINAMICs BLDC predriver TMC603 directly drives 6 external N-channel MOSFETs for motor currents up to 20A at up to 50v.

Integrated configurable slope control makes both external slope control and external EME Filters unnecessary. TMC603 current sensing network enables current sensing both with or without external sense resistor, which allows for both system cost and higher energy efficiency.


Product State: active
Interfaces: PWM
No. Axes: 1
Supported Motor Type: BLDC
short to GND detection
brake before make
Slope Control
Logic Supply: 3.3...5V
Motor Supply: 12...50V
Package: QFN52 (8x8)

System Diagram