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(800.06kB 17-Oct-13)

Product Details


The TMCM-323 is a triple axis encoder interface module. It extends the three-axis motion control modules for closed loop operation. With its very small size it is dedicated to embedded applications. The board can be connected to a baseboard or to customized electronics with a pin connector. The TMCM-323 interfaces the 3-axis TMCM modules TMCM-301, TMCM-302, TMCM-303/SG, TMCM-341, TMCM-342 and TMCM-343 via SPI. The TMCM-323 contains three real time counters for the incremental encoders so that the actual position data is available without software timing problems.


Product State: active
Interfaces: a/b/n incremental, SPI
No. Axes: 3
programmable encoder prescaler
Logic Supply: 5V
Length: 80mm
Width: 50mm



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TMCM-171_manual.pdf 800.06kB 17-Oct-13


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TMCM-170_programming.pdf 173.01kB 17-Oct-13
TMCM-171_ShortSpec.pdf 261.25kB 17-Oct-13
TMCM-171_manual.pdf 800.06kB 17-Oct-13


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TMCM170.exe 812.5kB 17-Oct-13
TMCM171_V108.hex 98.26kB 17-Oct-13
TMCM171_V112.hex 98.56kB 17-Oct-13